My research interests lie within analysis, partial differential equations and fluid mechanics. More specifically, I am interested in the evolution of moving interfaces in incompressible flows coming from physical models.


  1. Well-Posedness of the 3D Peskin Problem, with P.-C. Kuo, Y. Mori, R. Strain. Submitted, arXiv:2301.12153, (2023).
  2. Global Regularity of 2D Navier-Stokes Free Boundary with Small Viscosity Contrast, with F. Gancedo. Accepted in Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré C, Analyse Non Linéaire, arXiv:2109.08764, (2021).
  3. Quantitative Hölder Estimates for Even Singular Integral Operators on Patches, with F. Gancedo. Journal of Functional Analysis, 283 (9) (Link to ArXiv), (2022).
  4. Self-similar solutions for the Muskat equation, with J. Gómez-Serrano, H. Q. Nguyen, B. Pausader. Advances in Mathematics, 399, (2022). (Link to ArXiv).
  5. The Peskin Problem with Viscosity Contrast, with Y. Mori, R. Strain. To appear in Analysis & PDE, arXiv:2009.03360, (2020). (Link to ArXiv)
  6. Global Regularity for Gravity Unstable Muskat Bubbles, with F. Gancedo, N. Patel and R. Strain. To appear in Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, arXiv:1902.02318, (2019). (Link to ArXiv)
  7. Regularity results for viscous 3D Boussinesq temperature fronts, with F. Gancedo.  Communications in Mathematical Physics, 376, 1705-1736 (2020). (Link to ArXiv)
  8. On the Muskat problem with viscosity jump: Global in time results,
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  10. Global regularity for 2D Boussinesq temperature patches with no diffusion,
    with F. Gancedo. Annals of PDE 3, 14, (2017). (Link to ArXiv)

Research profiles: ArXiv, ORCID, Google ScholarResearchGate, Scopus, Web of ScienceMathSciNet. Information about talks, workshops and grants can be found in my Curriculum Vitae.